Marius von Brasch

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Marius von Brasch completed a practice-based PhD research in Fine Art at Winchester School of Art. In 2013, he was awarded the Abbey Fellowship in Painting at The British School in Rome. He has widely exhibited, teaches experiential approaches to painting and works from his studio in Rookley, Isle of Wight.

I understand my work as making visible perceptions, which are difficult to talk about (and nevertheless real) and which happen at the borders of imagination and observation: tangible yet constantly changing realities, ambiguity of meaning, the in between that comes with relating to others, the screens between outside/inside.

None of my works is fully planned, however, there is often an initial focus on a possible subject or notion. I’m interested in exploring the impact of spontaneous and unconscious imagery as it allows me painting or drawing on the border of an evolving journey of conscious decisions while keeping an attitude of ‘letting oneself paint’; as communicating, perhaps like a shaman, with sediments of time and memory.   The elements of duration and time, becoming and dissolving have shaped the formal aspects of my works.