Mark Khan

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. 


I have been active in different creative and culture disciplines in Southampton since the early nineties such as music, Art and recently poetry. I graduated form Winchester School of Art in 2004.

My Painting practice is related to my sub-conscious. This progression consists of drawings, prints and paintings. I find this approach challenging and rewarding.

The crucial part for me as I paint is not the beginning or end, what really matters is what happens between the two situations as I go on a journey of unlocking my ideas.


Back in 95-96 while playing drums in a local band I was diagnosed with schizophrenia I went on to a mental health rehabilitation service at Bedford house in Amoy street, Southampton.
This where I discovered art and the sense of self and how to find ones self through turning negative energy into positive..with all things creative and expressive. In 04 I graduated at WSA with a BA in fine art since then I had various single and group shows in the southern region. In October this year l will be part of the Outsider Art fair in Paris, my biggest event to date. Its been a difficult but also a fascinating journey in which I am still engaged with artistic practice, musically and also poetically….my journey continues!