Meahnaz Hannan

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. 


Abstract Expressionism. Through this style I speak, and share to the world my emotions. No one will fully know the truth that lies beneath my pieces, opening a vast arena of interpretations. My work is influenced by Jackson Pollock who I have admired for over a decade. His bravery with paint and wild expressions are still vivid in my mind. 

My motivation derives from my mental health breakdown back in 2018, when life and work became too much. Being able to release my thoughts into something visual allows me to not only escape; but to provide myself my very own emotional detox. 

During my time in recovery and taking part in art groups, I have grown to adore acrylics and watercolours. Most recently however, I dared to use oils and I have no regrets having done so. They are individual mediums that offer me freedom of movement and give consent to blending with each other in a fluid motion. 

Art isn’t just a spare time activity, it is a reminder that there is more to my life than work and problems. I have something else to live for. 

My social media page on Instagram is: @meahnazh