Mel Price

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Mel has spent the majority of her life living on the Isle of Wight, with a short period of living in Portsmouth. Mel has family that live both on the isle of Wight and in Portsmouth

Mel was inspired to take up photography when her sister in law provided her with an old camera. Her daughter also showed a natural flair for photography which stirred her interest further and  introduced her to a new range of styles, genres and concepts. 

Mel’s initial passion was for long exposure and night photography but she has now branched out into new genres of photography, due to encouragement from the she_captures group. 

 Mel works full time and therefore tends to go out to take photos mainly in the evenings and weekends. Her current interest are beachscapes due to the accessibility of beautiful beaches on the Isle of Wight; with over 30 to choose from Mel is never short of inspiration. 

As well as photography, Mel enjoys socialising with friends and visual art.

You can see more of Mels photography on instagram @mel.price.583