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Mernpunk was established in 2017, due to the owners Dale and Matt Lodge having a passion for recycling and eco-reuse. Beginning with repairing and upcycling furniture, Mernpunk has since expanded into lighting and art, primarily due to a chance meeting with the owner of a mannequin recycling business.

All of Mernpunk’s art and design pieces are made using discarded items that would otherwise have been destined for landfill. The drive behind Mernpunk’s art is to see something that could so easily have ended up poluting the planet turned into something beautiful and functional for the home. Dale says: “One of our areas of speciality is our one of a kind mannequin art lamps and homewares. These pieces are made by reusing former shop mannequins which are no longer in a condition to be useful in retail. Each and every shop mannequin is either made from fibreglass or plastic, which makes them very hard to dispose of at the end of their lifetime. This is one of the many reason we have chosen to recycle them into art pieces and eyecatching homewares – what better way to give them a new use in life and save them from landfill?!”

Mernpunk is a Member of the House of Upcycling, the UK’s leading professional upcycling authority and Industry Partner of the BIID (British Institute of Interior Design)