Michael Moore

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Michael Moore

The city has always held a fascination, but equally an intimidation for me. My paintings represent my experiences of ‘being’ in a location, both physically, emotionally and intellectually, I want the paintings to have their own reality and not simply be a mimicking of the visually, perceptible world around us.

Distorted reflections comprise my main trope. I find reflections particularly appealing as a metaphor for painting itself, because they are simultaneously on and through the surface at the same time. 

They are equally an appropriate visual metaphor for ‘self-reflection’. I love the idea of reflections being like our thoughts; sometimes distorted and confusing, but always intriguing and fascinating; made of multiple perspectives combined to form a peculiar orderliness.

The depiction of one set of reflections, captures a particular, fleeting, moment in time. This captured moment is intended to be tranquil, unlike the cities from where the images are born.

so, just as a science fiction film can draw you in and be engrossing and believable while bearing no relation our own actual reality, I want my paintings to represent a believable space, but not one that simply mimics reality.