Mike Payne

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Mike Payne

 I was born in Gosport and have spent a lot of my life working in some wonderful locations around the world.


I knew I had a liking for art when at secondary school, but unfortunately it was never promoted or encouraged.


I started seriously drawing in my late teens and seemed to have talent for figures. I just loved making a person come to life on the page with just a pencil.

I never really started painting until I was “persuaded” to have lessons in using Acrylic paints at the Art Pod in Lee on the Solent. Sadly no longer there.


This grew into a real hobby I liked, and luckily my wife enjoyed the hobby alongside me. She was always better than me though……


My first exhibition was at St Faiths church in Lee on the Solent , and it was here I sold my first painting. I became a member of Lee on Solent Art group and also the Art groups in Fareham and Warsash. There was always so much to learn.


Over time I developed a fascination for reflections in buildings, that we don’t always notice when we walk or drive past them, but now I see them all the time. My reflection paintings have proved popular, but it is always sad to see them go, they do become a part of you.

I was Chairman of the Lee Art group for a while and was encouraged and inspired by some wonderful artists there.


I am still a member of Lee Art group and also Warsash Art group, and look forward to exhibiting with them again in the not too distant future.


I still draw as it is so easy just to pick up a pencil and get lost in your art.

My wife and I are lucky enough to have a “Studio” in the garden where we can lose ourselves in our art. The joy is to leave it all set up to look at it again in the morning ….. always looks different.