Paul Watt

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I’m a professional photographer but my route into photography came about in an unusual way. I’m on the Autistic spectrum, I suffer from depression, PTSD and as a result of those – anxiety. I once picked up a old film camera on a whim and discovered that I enjoyed taking photos purely for the enjoyment of taking photos. I also discovered a sense of calm and a feeling that I was doing what I needed to do. I had never previously felt a sense of calm and togetherness as I do when creating images with my camera.

I’m now primarily a wedding and event photographer but I also teach photography for the Library service – the technical aspects of photography and also I run a course entitled “Mindful photography” where I show how photography can be part of a mindful practice. In my lessons – whether it’s the practical lessons or the Mindful lessons –  I try to remove barriers to photography by removing the myth that you need a big and expensive camera to make great images. Three of my images here were taken on my phone, the photographer takes the photo – not the camera.