Paula Chuter-Baker

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Paula Chuter-Baker

I have always had an interest in art and creativity and started painting watercolours in my twenties but painting stopped when life got busy with family life and work.  However, if I did have any spare time, I could be found creating either jewellery from silver, rag rugging a wall hanging or creating something from wool.  A few years ago, to balance out work stresses, I took up watercolour painting again.   This gave me the opportunity for a more balanced life and this showed in my general wellbeing.  Over the past couple of years I have found new excitement and enthusiasm when painting which has encouraged me to spend more time trying different mediums, techniques and finding my own style.

My time now is spent painting in acrylics and mixed media, using photos and sketches which help me remember my ‘felt self’ in a particular environment.  My passion is for wide open landscapes, big skies and rocks.  I think this has come from many years walking on the fells of Cumbria or cliff tops in Devon and Cornwall giving me that sense that nature is far greater than us but I can capture a small part of what a particular scene or environment means to me by using what I feel internally.

The last few years has been the beginning of an artist journey which I am still travelling along and I am enjoying the ride.  I am now studying a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design so who knows where this exciting journey will take me.