Penny Glidewell

Since graduating from Reading University with a BA in Fine Art, I have divided my time between painting and teaching on Foundation Courses in Art & Design. In 2003, I completed an MA in Painting at Wimbledon School of Art. Over the years I have exhibited in numerous group shows and have had three solo shows in London Galleries.

My work reflects my ongoing interest in landscape and wider environmental concerns. Recent paintings and works on paper are based upon the Sussex coast, downland and woodland near to where I live. Through the process of making the paintings, I try to express a visceral response to these landscapes. My aim is to capture and record the experience of a particular moment in time. The familiar becomes the unfamiliar through shifts in light and weather conditions. Mark-making, colour and texture are used to convey awareness of seasonal, climatic and environmental change.

Human presence in the land and at sea is evident in the majority of works. In some this is implied – the ‘Threatened Forest’ series relates to an area of woodland which may be destroyed for sand quarrying.  In others such as ‘Presence’ and ‘Flooded Fields’, this is more explicit. Global warming is a lurking shadow. In making work relating to landscape, I am constantly aware of the fragile balance between conservation of the natural world and exploitation for human gain.

am a practising artist, currently experimenting with figurative pen drawings in a surrealistic manner. Interested in the notion of art as a form of escapism, I enjoy materialising dense fictional territory and reflecting the relationship between light and darkness, playfully blending innocent and sinister elements in my artwork.