Peter Marsh

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Since childhood – playing and experimenting with art, I continued to explore the new and unexpected with my images. As a biologist my passion for the natural world coupled with a desire to confront questions drives me to explore organic relationships in my paintings. I move between two poles: the abstract and the figurative, the latter represented by frequent “walks in the fresh air”, often coastal landscapes in oils, which recharge my leaps back into the abstract.



I weather, soak, stain, score, layer and erode the surfaces to which I then apply figurative images, constructing abstracts which suggest other times or cultures, real or imaginary; and the landscapes which keep me “grounded” in the natural world. The mixed media abstracts can evolve as palimpsests, as if different artists of different ages have used inks, water colours, gouache, acrylics, graphite etc. to make dislocated symbols and images on the same surface at different times. The whole that is arrived at can therefore be appear to be the result of chance.