Philip Woolway

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Although deploying a modern medium my interest is with Still Life. My photography is characterised by the attention to detail and composition. In Still Life, I compose I consider every item as an ‘actor’ with its defined purpose and role to produce a scene for the viewer to consider a poignant, sad or humorous story or circumstance.

All my Still Lifes are physically constructed with real objects and carefully assembled for photographing. The creation of a composition can be in a moment or months as the ‘actors’ in the scene are either unearthed in market stalls, charity or junk shops and unobtainable items are made.

In following the traditional Still Life painting style my foundation for technique is to use only a single light source and base my composition on placement, colour, and purpose as opposed to the photographic techniques of depth of focus and post-production composition.

Whether it is the strong influence of the classic Still Lifes from the Dutch and Spanish movements or the challenge of exploring contemporary subjects using a traditional style the drama and passion of the image remain consistent.


Philip Woolway is a photographic artist from Gosport and an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.
During his photographic journey Philip has been a contributor of photography and copy for Antique Collector, Vintage Collector magazines and Rant publications. Philip has organised and hosted solo and group exhibitions and enjoyed success in national open exhibitions for both art and photography.