Pippa Hufton

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I first started working with copper in my teens when I lived in Chile, one of the world’s largest producers of this beautiful and versatile metal. Over the years, I spent many hours creating jewellery with my father, whose workshop was a hive of jewellery-making activity right into his old age. I inherited this treasure trove, and many of my pieces re-use off-cuts and scraps from copper and silver jewellery made decades ago.

I love experimenting with the effects of heat on metal, bringing out rainbow colours, unpredictable and unrepeatable, making every piece unique and original. My designs are created by heating copper with a blow-torch and applying enamel, fusing silver onto it or simply allowing the natural colours of the patina to emerge. The final piece is carefully smoothed and polished, and protected with an invisible layer of wax.

I continue to learn and am currently developing my practice at West Dean College, where I’m studying for a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Oriel Jewellery is based in Farnham, a town steeped in creativity and England’s only “World Craft City”.

Pippa Hufton

Oriel Jewellery