Rebecca Harte

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I am a visual artist who creates soft, feminine life drawings in response to the online figure drawing classes I attend; Figure drawing with Body Confidence and Fat Life Drawing. Body Confidence often inspires the use of charcoal with her fast, dynamic poses whereas the, often amateur, Fat Life Drawing models evoke strength, vulnerability and a softness which I try to evoke in my use of purples, reds and pinks. The process of trying to capture the essence of a model through online drawing is an interesting one with the added challenge of drawing a 3D form which has subsequently become 2D through the use of a webcam. While I do try to achieve a likeness to the models I focus less on theory and tradition, focusing instead on being present, observing the model within a space and being part of an inclusive community of artists. It’s particularly rewarding to create work of fat, disabled, non-binary and queer bodies to represent their strength, beauty, softness and femininity in a world that is generally hostile towards them.
Instagram : @rebeccaharteart