Rose Thomas

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Rose Thomas

Rose has been a maker for many years and has a passion for colour and pattern. Her main love is making embroidered textile hangings, but she also enjoys weaving and quilting. More recently rose has tried painting, printing and ceramics.

Rose’s inspiration comes from all things colourful, particularly flowers and ethnic textiles from around the world. She is drawn to folk pattern and design. The colours and sights of India have been a constant fascination.

Walks by the sea near her home in Lee-on-the-Solent, her garden and allotment are important parts of everyday life. In turn they provide ideas and sometimes even the material for her work.

Over the years she has contributed to a number of group exhibitions. But she is never happier than when she is making things for friends and family.

Rose is a member of Fimbria, a textile group based in Fareham, and enjoys the company and friendship of like-minded creative makers and artists – she finds there is always so much to learn from them.