Samantha March

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My work is inspired by the elements and forces of nature. Being lucky enough to live in the scenic county of Dorset, boasting the Jurassic coast and the New Forest, these environments inform my art.

Although the fluid art movement is relatively young, I have become deeply committed to this approach. Being rather impulsive, spontaneous and more than a little impatient, this method gives me the immediate gratification I crave. It is messy and addictive but allows me to explore the intricacies of mother nature’s blueprints for perfection. The spectrum of colour and shape found in the sea, the sky and even the flora, which change constantly lends itself to this method, which is represented my work.

There is an element of the alchemist to this method of painting that also appeals to me. I may only be working with as little as three ingredients at times, but the search for that often-elusive perfect mix drives me on. With this art form I am constantly searching for unconventional materials and ideas to help me process and express the wonders of the natural world around us.

Instagram: marchmadeart