Sarah Anne Patel

‘Powerful, evocative, vulnerably human. Each work becomes a labour of love, taking on a life of its own’.

Sarah’s works are visceral, tactile, imbued with a sense of human discord. Emerging forms; abstract and figurative, of wings, roots, human presence; feel familiar yet strange. Often cocooned in isolation; at times confronting the viewer, they seem to inhabit the space between safety and flight.  There’s a guttural dialogue between the works, meanings hidden in layers, left for the viewers interpretation.

Sarah’s handling of mediums, has a raw physicality, both  wrestling and delicate. Paintings go through constant working, reworking; paint scraped back, built up; the viscosity of paint like the ‘sticky blood of a wound’.  Burrowing beneath the surface, of the human condition; authenticity, instinct, passion for oil paint, clay, charcoal, ink and lens; is at the core of her creativity.


Postgraduate: Royal Academy Schools

Private Collections held in: Japan/ Israel/ USA/ Italy/ France