Sue Freeborough

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 Sue Freeborough

As a sculptor my work evolves as a construction choosing materials that reflect and enhance ideas.  

My ideas develop through referencing the body, not of the body but how we live through the body, of relationships, identity,
containment and the spaces we inhabit. 

My overall aims are to consider human contemporary issues and attitudes in sculptural, philosophical and political terms, and to evoke through sculptures duality of form and meaning a rich and provocative mix.

2013/2014: MA Fine Art 
University of Chichester

2002: MA Art, Design and Media
University of Portsmouth

1991: BA Hons Fine Art, Sculpture
University of Gloucestershire

1986: BA Hons First Class Related Arts
University College Chichester

Member of Art Space Portsmouth 1999-2011
Member of Catalyst Women, Art and Science 2001- 2014
Member of 2D3D South 2017