Tiger Fox

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Tigerfox (MA, BA Hons 1st) is an environmental landscape artist, who finds inspiration within the landscapes of their life and times.  The artist searches for the sublime in an ordinary everyday moment whilst questioning the beauty of the “edgeland” landscapes in its current man‑made costumes.

Space is created whilst walking to feel the awe and wonder that the expanse of land, sea and sky stirs within.

Time is permitted to slow and the ordinary becomes extraordinary; with found moments of transcendence and connection.

The artist explores local “edgelands” in a multi sensory fashion: sketching with eyes open and eyes closed; drawing what is felt and heard; taking photographs and collecting tantalizing incongruous items to display.

Tigerfox seeks to develop an improvisational and collaborative work practice with the experienced surroundings.

The landscape has ceased to be an obvious genre for work but has become the medium with which works are produced.

Currently Tigerfox is undertaking an experimental drawing project in collaboration with the weather, a tree and a pendulum from which a growing collection of drawings is being called Nature’s Voice.