Tina Lane

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I am a British visual artist whose interdisciplinary art practice incorporates installation, sculpture, photography, media and performance. My projects develop site responsively, in collaboration and dialogue with people, places and psychology.

I graduated from Southampton Solent University with a BA (Hons) First in Fine Art, where I was selected for the CVAN SE Platform Graduate Award by Aspex Gallery and Solent Showcase Gallery for Best of Degree Shows in 2015. After which I travelled to India and Japan on residencies. I completed my MA in Fine Art with Distinction in 2018 at Winchester School of Art.

My practice at this present time is concerned with human relationships, identity, memory and death. I try to use my art to confront the ambiguity of fitting into existing systems and patterns of thought, not necessarily to resolve them. It’s tapping in to a primal need to communicate non-verbally and to express myself visually through making the work as inclusive and interactive as possible where language is not a barrier. Visualising the inarticulate minds working through material and performative processes evidences this examination of the ‘gut feeling’ or ‘instinct’ and allows for fluidity in creativeness.