Tom Fry

Tom Fry is a London-born and based artist exploring various human conditions through visual figurative expression, using contemporary & urban painting mediums. As a self-taught artist, Tom has experimented with style, techniques and fine artistic boundaries to find his feet understanding methodologies behind his practice and loves reverting to cubist/abstract  figurative forms.

Tom has been drawing since very young, yet only started painting in 2017 after a harsh
break from his career in the hospitality industry. In the beginning, the art was a spontaneous, cathartic process in response to depression, which in turn developed into a professional artistic practice and advocacy for mental health awareness.

Inspirations vary from mid to late 21st century cubists, expressionists, existentialists and figurative artists. Equally, influences by contemporary artists and elements of street art and neoexpressionism are present. He also draws much of his source material from everyday life and his own experiences, be them societal or personal relationships with the human condition.

His signature is a vivid use of colour and aerosol, as well as recurring eyes and teeth. His associations with street culture growing up have cemented his use of urban tools – acrylics, other mixed paints, pastels and ink are also used. Surfaces include canvas, wood, paper and recycled plastic.

“After having allowed my practice to guide me for the last 4 years, I am now beginning to bring focus and intent, as well as intellectual ideas to my paintings. I’m currently in a phase of developing my work, having started with a self-reflective and cathartic process that brought light to others’ and my own understanding of mental health, to now being more studious of human forms, their environment and my responses to them. I’m introducing new visual and societal dialogues into my work, while maintaining the aesthetics my audiences have come to know and love.”

Tom also writes poetry and is attempting to write longer autobiographical stories about his experience of depression, overcoming his struggles with anxiety, addiction, grief, sexuality and homelessness to help bring these taboo and underrepresented topics into the mainstream for educational awareness. He also collaborates with various fashion outlets and designers on limited edition clothing designs and has curated 10 exhibitions to date, including multiple fundraisers, in support of artists, charities social enterprises in his local area and greater London.

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