Tracey Unwin

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. 


I discovered my passion for painting in my early twenties; it slowly overtook my affinity for writing and these days art is firmly at number one! My background is in zoology and I usually incorporate aspects of the natural world into my art. I love utilising collage techniques to lend vibrancy and a tactile quality to my work, but I also enjoy working purely in acrylics or oils. As well as landscapes, seascapes, flowers and animals, I occasionally paint semi-abstract cityscapes using palette knifes. I’m influenced by so many different artists – to name a few: Turner, John Martin, Frederic Edwin Church, Albert Bierstadt, Monet, Anselm Keifer.

Currently, I’m working full-time as an artist and an academic (English and science) tutor in Gosport, which feeds both sides of my hungry brain and keeps me very busy.