Vicky Barber

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Vicky Barber-Crimes

I am a deaf visual artist based in Southampton, Hampshire.

I work intuitively creating expressive and colourful abstract acrylic canvas paintings.

Colours/forms of the natural world influence my artwork: a variety of flowers, meadows, landscapes, and skyscapes. Some influence comes from my own emotions. I work with chakra colours which are inspired by my yoga practice.

I develop my working style in an organic process of experimenting with different painting techniques, exploring the processes of fluid art with acrylic pouring, splashing paints, dotty blob painting. I like to create using fun and relaxing therapeutic methods.

I use a lot of movement and layers to create texture with random patterns of paint splashes. I work with bright, vibrant and iridescent acrylic to give my work a 3D feel to reflect my world of communicating in a 3D way using British Sign Language. I use colours to express and influence emotions & moods.

Art is my mindfulness practice which has been an important part of my own wellbeing and mental health healing journey for many years. Using colours in a meditative way gives me the creative freedom to help release emotions without having to say anything.