Wendy Russell

Please click on thumbnails to see the full art work. 


I have been a serious photographer for 3 years after dabbling as a young teenager. I’ve tried many creative outlets in between but fell back in love with photography after meeting my partner, a fellow photographer. I still sketch with charcoal and pastels and I love to write poetry, stories and blogs but my photography connects me to others without the need for words.

My approach is simple, I started snapping on my phone and quickly moved to an entry level DSLR, I’m not interested in the tech just the moment that I capture.  People are my passion and I love the candid snaps and street photography that allow me to take a fleeting moment and preserve it for eternity. The complex emotions portrayed by a smile, a look and simple body language have always intrigued me, and I enjoy sharing these captured moments with others.

My other style of photography is the beauty in the detail. I dig down in a wider scene and focus on some detail within that is overlooked but nonetheless beautiful in its own right.