Wendy Whitaker

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I find inspiration in the great outdoors, but specifically, the beach and sea where I live, in Southsea. You’ll often find me by the water’s edge collecting shells and other natural objects that the sea washes up on our beach, or just sitting near the water listening to the sound of the waves reaching the shore. My other focus is on the human form, looking closely at portraiture and anatomy, and I have a real fascination for the various structures of the body, from skeleton, muscles and nerves to drape and detail of clothing worn. I enjoy sketching people in the urban environment, meeting regularly, with a group of like minded people to sketch outdoors. I recently passed the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at West Dean College, Chichester and currently continue my studies at the Omega Art School in Portsmouth.

I now have more time to focus on painting and drawing, and I enjoy reading about the history of Art. My favourite period is from the mid 19th century, Pre Raphaelite paintings of Millais and Maddox Brown to Textile prints and designs produced in the early 1930’s. 

As a child, my Grandmother taught me to knit and sew, and I like to find interesting ways to incorporate these skills into my art.