Will Perrett

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My photographs have very eclectic subject matter, though I find myself particularly drawn to street photography, travel and landscape.  I generally prefer to work in b/w (monochrome).  The prints on display are all professionally printed (by Ilford Lab) on genuine ILFORD Black and White silver gelatin RC photographic paper, and also professionally framed and mounted by Richard Martin Gallery, Gosport.

I’m a self-taught photographer, but that hasn’t stopped me from teaching others!  For many years I taught Media Studies and Photography in a Further Education College on the South Coast.  I specialized in film photography, including darkroom work, and also digital photography, becoming the resident expert in Photoshop, and teaching evening classes as well as full-time students.  And then I retired.  That was a few years ago, since when I have had several exhibitions of my photographs, and have tried to take my own photographic work by the scruff of the neck and treat it more seriously.  It refuses to be treated seriously.  It runs off in front of me like a poorly-trained dog, and I have to find excuses to go off travelling to track it down.  That’s my excuse at any rate.